Soo-Soft Electronic Digital Water Softener.
How It Works

Soo-Soft Digital Water Softener Systems.

Electronic water softener

Water Benefits

Improved Water Solvency

The Soo-Soft® system reduces minerals in water to a microscopic size. They then dissolve much easier into the water. This reduces the surface tension of the water so that it becomes "Wetter" and has an increased ability to dissolve soaps and detergents. The treated water also has an increased ability as a rinsing agent and provides cleaner rinse of soaps and detergents. This creates the "Squeaky Clean" effect when hair is rinsed.

Dissolves Lime Scale Deposits

The increased solvency of the water is improved to the point that it will dissolve existing deposits of lime scale. This occurs throughout the plumbing system and all appliances that are connected to it. In home, commercial and industrial environments water will act to clear mineral deposits and prevent their return.

Soft & Silky Water

Water with large mineral concentrations is abrasive. It is a skin irritant when washing and shaving and acts as an abrasive in pools and spas. In equipment that uses water, it can wear out pumps, spray heads, and anything through which water travels. The treated water of the Soo-Soft® system has the minerals reduced to the consistency of a fine talcum powder. It no longer acts as an irritant to skin nor as an abrasive. It will greatly extend the life of all equipment that uses water.

Softer Clothes

Lime scale will adhere to the fabric of clothes, towels and sheets making them harder and preventing detergents and fabric softeners from entering the fibers. This not only makes the fabric stiff and irritating, but also will wear them out faster in the wash. The Soo-Soft® system will dissolve hard deposits in the fabric, allow softeners to work better, and reduce irritations.

Softer Hair & Skin

Hard water will form scale on both hair and skin. Over time, hair will develop a crusty scale that will make it stiff. In addition, it will be difficult for shampoo and conditioners to penetrate the shaft of the hair. In time, the water from the Soo-Soft® system will dissolve the scale on the hair shaft and the hair will become softer and more manageable. The same effect will occur on skin.


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Soo-Soft Digital Water Softener H-1000 Home Unit
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The H-1000 System is Suitable for all Homes and Small Business Applications for copper or plastic pipes up to 1 inch.

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Soo-Soft Digital Water Softener Commercial Unit C-2000
Commercial Systems
The C-2000 System is Designed for Larger Commercial and Industrial Applications for copper pipes up to 2 inch and plastic pipes to 3 inch.

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