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Soo-Soft Digital Water Softener Systems.
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Electronically reduces the surface tension of your water to make it softer and healthier without the use of salt or chemicals!

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Water that is referred to as “hard” contains minerals (mostly calcium) that are hard and have sharp edges. The calcium is attracted to itself and forms what we call lime scale. A salt-based water softener works by removing a portion of these minerals from the water and in the process adds some salt to the water. The minerals in the water that it does not remove are still hard and sharp and will eventually form lime scale. It just takes longer. Because the water now has salt in it, it forms a “slick” compound when mixed with soap. This is not possible to wash off in a shower because the water keeps adding more salt water onto the skin. Sellers of salt systems have claimed that the “slippery skin” is from
“natural oils” coming out of clean skin, however wetting two fingers and rubbing the skin will produce small bubbles, indicating that the skin is not free of soap. The Soo-Soft system operates by breaking the hard sharp minerals to a microscopic size and therefore reducing the surface tension of the water. This allows the minerals to dissolve back into the water. The water become wetter and will taste sweeter because the minerals have been dissolved into it. The wetter water reduces soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent amounts required while increasing the ability of the water to provide a clean clear rinse. The water is such a better solvent that it will dissolve lime scale deposits over its first 90 days of operation. It does this solely through the use of electronics and uses no salt or chemicals.

Complete information on How Salt Based Water Softeners Work.
What the Mayo Clinic says about added salt from salt based softeners.



We have studied carefully the evolution of water treatment as it has evolved over the
last 100 years and have come together to create a group of products that fulfills the needs
of residential, commercial, and industrial customers with reliable results and pricing that is
affordable to everyone.
Many fast-buck hucksters that have created water treatment devices with minimal
effects and inconsistent results. We have measured many of them and are not surprised
they did little to improve the water.
Using the latest in digital and analog technology, we have gone to great length to
develop a product that works consistently in every application. For that reason we have
designed products with 100 to 1000 times the power of other units on market.
It works. Water with over 500 parts per million total dissolved solids can be
consistently softened to a silky texture.



As the original research on alternative water treatment was accomplished with permanent magnets, we have conducted studies of these units. They have often proven to be marginally or completely ineffective. As reported in a study done by Drexel University, permanent magnets work optimally only at a flow rate of 2.3 meters (7.5 feet) per second. This makes them impractical and inconsistent home and commercial for most applications. Water flows at different rates according to the demand created by the user, which is different at all times. Also, permanent magnets have been found to clog pipes over time with impurities that are in the water and being held in position by the magnet.
Soo~Soft systems use computers and amplifiers to alter the physical chemistry of water. They are reliable and consistent regardless of the rate of water flow.


U.S. Department of Energy Study

This extensive report by the U.S. Department of Energy is a "technology alert" which is designed to "speed the adoption of energy efficient and renewable technologies in the Federal sector". It states that within the Federal sector magnetic water treatment can be used as a replacement for most water softening equipment such as ion-exchange (salt-type), reverse osmosis, and lime/soda chemical softening. The study defines the technology and goes on to analyze life cycle costs, applications, and describe the energy savings from calcium build up being removed, which in the model case was up to 30%. In the economic analysis which covered the savings in a specific instance, payback was achieved in one year with eventual savings of $2,759,000.00. Magnetic water treatment is being used successfully at multiple locations throughout the Federal government.
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